Custom Work

The San Diego Squares website produces amazing artwork at affordable prices. Occasionally, there is a request for something special. At SDSquares, we can custom create a package of images based on your specifications. The most common request is to split a client's favorite image into a multi-panel piece. We can do it! You can see more images in the portfolio at The process of creating a custom piece requires that the purchase is handled via email and there is a $75 (total) set-up fee added to the price of your project. Let us know your request and we will advise!

Before you ask to split a piece, please think about the orientation of the image. Making a piece wider or more narrow may require cropping away large parts of the image. See the images below to explain this before and after cropping effect.

Image from Shay Images, split into 4 panels, wide landscape orientation.


Original image, before alteration.