About The Artist


After over 10+ years of honing his photographic craft, Shay Blechynden relinquished his position as a decorated PGA Golf Professional and teacher to pursue photographic endeavors full-time. While his “first love” is traditional landscape and nature photography, Shay is happy to photograph any scene that he finds beautiful or stimulation to the viewer. Shay is a native of San Diego, CA where he currently resides.

Artist's Statement
At the core, my primarily goal as an artist is to capture or create a scene that is both beautiful and interesting, worthy of display to any viewer. My artistic vision comes from a place of intuition, a learned skill that comes from years of exploration and experimentation.
It is my sincere desire to create a real emotional impact with those who view my work. I know that the essence of these emotions will differ greatly between individuals and yet the goal is the same, to create a strong reaction. Sharing beautiful images is my own personal way of making our world a better place. The artistic part of my being never sleeps; wherever it goes, whatever it sees, it is constantly seeking a worthy subject. It is a relentless pursuit of finding the right scene, at the right moment, when the worlds of beauty and wonder collide. With imagery, I desire to raise awareness; the awareness that we are constantly surrounded by beauty and visions worthy of our consideration. Although my preferred medium is primarily photographic, I prefer to use the term "art" whenever possible. Being an "artist" allows me more freedom of expression, freedom to break free from the typical rules that constrain photographers. "Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art."-Ansel Adams

Exhibited Work and Awards

San Diego County Fair 2013-2017 ~Winner People’s Choice Award 2017 (of 1,200+images), 2nd Place Landscape-Fall, 3rd Place Landscape-Spring, 4th Place Landscape-Fall, Honorable Mention Landscape-Fall, Honorable Mention Landscape-Summer,  2016 2nd Place, Landscape-Fall and Honorable Mention Award 2013-2015-numerous Honorable Mention Awards
2017 Artist’s Display and Reception at Hovey Winery, Murphy’s CA.
2017 Artists Spotlight show at the Bridges Club, Rancho Santa FeBest of Nature Photography Exhibition, NAT, Ordover Gallery-Wild Bobcat
Celebration of Light Show, Park Hyatt Aviara, 2014
New Release Party, The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe, December 2016
Elfin Forest Interpretive Center 2007, "Best Scenic"

Shay Art-Abstract Photographic Art

These are essentially "image origami". In the fine art craft of Japanese origami, a flat 2-D sheet of paper is folded and manipulated into a new 3-D complex geometric object. In the same vein, this is the process of taking a 2-D image and folding it into a 3-D geometric object with critical input from the artist along the way. While becoming a highly abstract work, it continues to be rooted in realism with most original elements and colors being preserved.

Without giving away any proprietary secrets, there is a very specific, yet customizable algorithm that is used during the creation of the pieces. It starts with only the best, gallery quality photographic images which are then cropped, stretched, squeezed, rotated, inverted and otherwise manipulated into uniquely pleasing works of art. Like snowflakes, no two are alike. As a photographer, it's necessary for me to suspend my entire belief system in order to create these pieces. It's a constant struggle.

The traditional photographic rules that were diligently adhered to during the creation of the original image are now replaced with new focus towards things like color, emotion and shapes. These same qualities were present in the original photos as well. This is the ultimate key to why it is more pleasing to the eyes of a normal photograph. This is particularly true with the subject of color. As photographers, we have unwritten rules that direct us to keep the colors in an image looking fairly close to representative of how they were at the time of capture. However, that is not always ultimately most pleasing to the eye. Consequently, these pieces  includes the ability to increase the effect of color on the viewer. Along with contrast, there is also the intangible quality of emotional response with these works. Each unique piece conveys an emotional feeling. Some are soft and serene others may be moody and oppressive. Just like music is able to convey feelings of happiness or drama, a Shay Art piece incorporates the same thing.


All photography and art is created and rights-managed by Shay Blechynden.