Value Office Decor

SDSquares is an amazing decor resource for interior designers, architects, office managers and business owners! Our largest 36" Squares are perfect for big spaces on blank walls. Our Squares offer vibrant artwork at an immense value. The quality and longevity is unsurpassed for artwork at any price! You can now create and choose custom artwork designs and receive bulk discounts all from the comfort of your home, office or even mobile! Artist direct prices, no gallery mark-up! Please refer also to this link regarding Custom Work

Please don't forget about the flexibility that this series offers. Keep spaces fresh by occasionally moving pieces around! Hangers are installed identically on all of the same sized product, ensuring that pieces can be moved and re-hung in new locations!

Best of all, Squares make it easy for you to be highly creative in your designs and layouts. Don't forget about art shelves either as these would be great on small shelves!

Shay Images offers so many options for those responsible to provide beautiful, high quality art to businesses. Please contact us at the link (top of page) to discuss large projects and custom installations.