Layout Samples

Design. Create. Be Inspired. What layouts can you create? Please share your installations with us for display in our Blog!

Below you will find some artistic ideas about how you may wish to display your squares.

5x24" Squares


 2x16" + 1x24" Squares


 4x30" Squares


3x30" Squares


6 wide

6x30" Squares repeated


3x24" Squares


5x16" Squares


3x30" Squares


4x24" Squares


4x30" Squares


36" Square


6x24" Squares


 Fun Display!


6x16" Squares, Vertical



9x30" Squares


6x24" Squares


 Oversized Custom Install


30" and 36" Squares staggered


4x36" Squares


8x16" Squares


36x16" Squares


4x16"+1x36" Squares


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