Squares Sizing and Installation

 Any set of Squares panels can be laid out in a variety of potential orientations. You could go thin and wide, tall and narrow, square, staggered etc. Be sure to see our Samples page! Please refer to the following charts for most common collection grouping sizes.

These measurements all include a 2" spacing gap between panels. This is just a starting point and you can modify to your own tastes, There is no "wrong" way to space these! Be sure to see our Samples page!


4 panels, 16" is 34"x34"
6 panels, 16" is 52"x34"
4 panels wide 16" is 70"x16"

4 panels, 24" is 50"x50"
6 panels, 24" is 76"x50"
4 panels wide 24" is 102"x24"

4 panels, 30" is 62"x62"
6 panels, 30" is 94"x62"
4 panels wide 30" is 126"x30"

4 panels, 36" is 74"x74"
6 panels, 36" is 112"x74
4 panels wide 36" is 150"x74"

Measuring and getting panels level is not too difficult with a good level and some patience, but we always prefer to have an art installer or handyman complete the hanging. Our largest panels are very light, so hanging weight and wall strength concerns are minimal. San Diego Squares cannot be held responsible for damages caused by improper hanging techniques.

We have worked with several local art hanging professionals and contact info is below:
DC Sign Co.-David Hurst (619) 990-0185
Lizz Lang Art Services-  (619) 997-6666
John Stoup Art Services- (619) 296-0282