Palms, Pier, Pacific, Perfect

Moon over the Oceanside Pier, pre-dawn. I can't remember the name of this supermoon, but it was supposed to be one of the special, rare ones. To be honest, the full moon is pretty much always the same, despite the hype given on the evening news. Sometimes it is a few percent larger than normal, but it is more of a placebo than anything really. f11, 1/3 sec, ISO 100, 150mm.

Frameless, clean, modern appearance, high gloss artwork with hidden floating back frame. No logos appear on artwork.

12" and 20" sizes are HD Aluminum Dye Sublimation prints, open edition, unsigned. Ready to hang. Free shipping.

20" and 30" HD Aluminum-Museum upgrade feature added black mounting substrate, upgraded subframe and fine art quality finish work. 2 tone, metal and black edges (not pictured). Open edition, unsigned. Free shipping.
Art makes life better!

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